I’m a singer/songwriter (academic by day) born in 1978 and based in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Before releasing Tendril in December 2018, I released a couple of self-recorded demos in 1999 and 2007. I was a bass player and backing vocalist for the band Bellow (2005-2008). We played some of the songs you hear on Tendril live in bars and clubs in New York City. A video recording from one of our shows can be seen here. We released a couple professionally recorded demos. I was also a part of Center for Hearing and Dizziness–an ever-changing line-up of people who got together to improvise music to B-movies. Check out a video of one of our improvs here.

Between 2010-2012, I was the lead vocalist and bass player in a band called Lifespace. We composed an album’s worth of songs together and played at Roxy in Istanbul. After the band broke up, I started producing some ambient/experimental tracks (sticking to the name Lifespace), one of them featured in a compilation (here). I continue this line of work under the name Tetkik ve Tedavi (Turkish for “Examination and Treatment”).